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We commence our new on-line teaching session from Sunday 25 April

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When God calls us to Himself, He does so for a very specific purpose. God will never do something great through us until He does something significant in us first. He wants to use someone whose heart is completely His.
Nehemiah was a normal, everyday, average guy who was living a posh life. But he develops a dislocated heart for God’s people, has a radical faith and a courageous soul, lays out a strategic plan, exercises personal commitment and has a profound ability to adapt as both a practical and spiritual leader. His heart breaks for God’s people and he does something about it.
2020 was the year we asked, 'What if?' and we had hoped to Dream BIG Dreams, Dare to take BIG Risks, Build BIG Community, and Make Mission Matter, and then COVID took over and we used the 'scattered' time to dig deep in prayer and building a lifestyle rhythm of discipleship.
Nehemiah records the reconstruction of the wall of Jerusalem, Judah’s capital city. Together, he and Ezra, who led the spiritual revival of the people, directed the political and religious restoration of the Jews in their homeland after the Babylonian captivity.
The book of Nehemiah shows us the kind of significant impact one individual can have on a nation. Nehemiah served in secular offices, using his position to bring back to the Jews order, stability, and proper focus on God.

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Our online programme is as follows:

In these days of challenge we are doing all we can to provide meaningful connection. This includes the following:

  •  Beyond the Hall - Our pre-recorded meeting on a Sunday morning found on YouTube.

  •  Wednesday Word - A live bible study. Let us know if you want the link to connect on a Wednesday at 7.30pm
  •  Friday Focus - A live prayer meeting. Our weekly prayer meeting meeting online at 9.30am - Let us know and we can send the link.

The pre-recorded events can be found on our YouTube channel and other things can be connected through the Facebook. See the links below.

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